PHP Gallery Table Generation

PHP Gallery is a PHP script designed for displaying a thumbnail table of images. The script was originally designed for Helen

PHP Gallery does not make use of any database systems. Its design is very straight-forward and its code as simple as possible. It is, perhaps, slightly more difficult to use than other PHP gallery software in the respect that it requires you to generate the thumbnails yourself; this is no accident, as I believe that tasks that can be done and completed once should not be done multiple times. I've always thought it inefficient for the PHP galleries to compress all the images every time they're called upon. It adds a significant amount of code bloat and server strain.

If you are interested in using this script, please refer to the links at the top or right portions of the page. Some installation documentation is at the head of the source file.

To download via CVS, use the following commands:
cvs login
cvs -z3 co -P phpgallery

Alexander Peppe
April 4th, 2009
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